JDM Engines for Sale

For over a decade, JDM Engine Depot has been the quality provider of used JDM engines, transmissions, suspensions and accessories.  Directly imported from Japan, our company offers a widespread variety of engines from Lexus/Toyota, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and other JDM brands. Our motors are available for pickup and shipping can be arranged for locations throughout the world, whether it be a residential or business address.

Low Mileage JDM Engines

All of our JDM motors and transmissions average about 45,000-65,000 miles. In Japan, it becomes more expensive each year to maintain a vehicle due to their strict emission laws. For this reason, numerous amounts of vehicles in Japan are sold to junk yards or auctions. This is where JDM Engine Depot steps in and hand picks their engines for importing to our warehouse in Belleville, NJ.

Affordable Pricing

Every day, we take the time to research our competitors pricing to beat their costs! At JDM Engine Depot, we understand that there are other costs involved when it comes to replacing a damaged motor such as labor costs, new parts, etc. Just take a quick look at our products and you will see that our prices are very cost-effective.

Buying a JDM Engine

Purchasing a JDM engine from us can be completed within a few simple steps. BUT, it is up to the customer to do meticulous research on their vehicle to make sure they are buying the correct motor. When searching through our inventory, please note down the year, make, model and displacement of your vehicle. If it matches, we will sell it to you!

Payment Options

We offer various payment methods for our customers. You can pay with your credit or debit card if and only if the shipping address matches the billing address. Otherwise, we would have to send you a PayPal invoice in which you can do a guest check out. Right before you press “Pay Now”, make sure to change it to the correct shipping address.

Financing Available

We are now offering financing options. Pay for an engine or transmission within 3, 6 or 12 months!


Affirm Monthly Payments