The QR25DE engine for sale is a popular Nissan straight 4 piston engine from the QR family of engines. If you are interested in finding a QR25 engine for sale here are the specs that you should know first. The QR series of engines was first introduced by Nissan in 2000. QR engines vary between 2 and 2.5 litres of displacement. Every QR engine, including the QR25, features a four valve design and dual overhead camshaft. These engines also come with an option for direct injection. The QR25 is the 2.5 litre version of the QR engine. The QR25 has an engine bore of 89 millimetres and stroke of 100 millimetres. The exact compression ratio of the QR25 will depend on the model of the vehicle but it range from between 9.5 : 1 and 10.5 : 1. The QR25 is built with counter rotating balance shafts, connecting rods from cast steel and a steel timing chain. Our QR25DE Engine for sale is tested and they have low mileage!