The EJ201 Engine is a four-cylinder Subaru petrol engine with the capacity of 2.0 liters. This means that it belongs to the Phase-I of the Subaru engine family. These engines come with a newly engineered cylinder heads with toppling spin ingestion ports. However, the specifications of these engines may change according to the worldwide markets.

While considering an EJ201 engine for sale, it is better to know its models that will best suit your vehicle. These engines are available in two models, such as Subaru GG and GD Impreza and Subaru BE and BH Liberty. These two are gasoline F4 engines with the capacity of 2.0 liters. Both engines are capable of producing the maximum power of 92 kW @ 5600 RPM and the torque of 184 Nm at 3600 RPM.

Moreover, both engines are compatible to mate with the five-speed manual transmission as well as with the four-speed automatic transmission systems. The only difference between the two is their year of manufacture. While the manufacturing year of BE/BH Liberty is 1998, the manufacturing year of GD/GG Impreza is 2000.

As both engines are finely tuned to produce the maximum power and torque, you can rest guaranteed that you would get better performance and mileage from your vehicle.