Honda B16B Engine was the first legendary engine to integrate Honda’s VTEC system within an inline-4, lightweight aluminum block. Honda B16B engine was introduced in 1989, and the first car with this engine was Honda Integra. Later in 90s this engine used to come with Honda Civic and Honda CRX as well. This is incredibly reliable and durable engine, However, with the long time passed, any component may fail which requires lot of repair cost. Now, it’s very easy to find low milage and used JDM B16B in United States. JDM Engine Depot imports high quality and tested JDM Honda engines directly from Japan and ready for sale in USA.

Honda B16A/B16B engine specs

  • Production Run: 1989 – 2000
  • Cylinder Block Material: Aluminum
  • Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum
  • Configuration: Inline 4-Cylinder
  • Valve-train: DOHC – Four Valves per Cylinder – VTEC
  • Bore: 81mm
  • Stroke: 77.4mm
  • Deck: Open Deck
  • Compression Ratio: 10.2:1 to 10.8:1
  • Horsepower: 150 horsepower up to 187 horsepower
  • Torque: 110 lb-ft up to 118 lb-ft