Various 3GR engines are available for sale at JDM Engine Depot. You can choose among different options whichever suits your ride. 3GR is a 3.0L equipped with Dual VVT-i and produces an output of 228 bhp at around 6,450 RPM. Many high performance cars like Toyota Crown, Toyota Reiz, Lexus GS 300, and Lexus IS 300 uses this engine. It uses V6 configuration and has a water cooled system within it. 3GR has been in use since 2003 in many cars manufactured by Toyota and Lexus. The stroke is same as of 2GR but the bore size is 87.5mm which is different than 2GR.

Specs of 3GR Engine

  • Configuration: V6
  • Piston stroke, mm (inch): 83 (3.27)
  • Compression ratio: 10.5 (3GR-FE)/11.5 (3GR-FSE)
  • Power output: 170 kW (228 HP) at 6,400 rpm
  • Engine oil capacity, L (qt.): 6.3 (6.6)
  • Cylinder bore, mm (inch): 87.5 (3.44)