1NZ belongs to Toyota’s NZ engine series, and now you can order it from JDM Engine Depot as it is ready for sale. Imported from Japan and being sell in United States. 1NZ uses DOHC cylinder heads and has aluminum engine blocks. It also has sequential fuel injection and VVT-i with four valves per cylinder. Different engines which belongs to this series are 1NZ-FXE, 1NZ-FXP, 1NZ-FE, 1NZ-FET. This water-cooled runs on Petrol with a power output of 74–109 hp (55–81 kW; 75–111 PS) and Torque output of 111–141 N⋅m (82–104 lb⋅ft). Toyota Corolla, Prius, Probox, Sienta, and Yaris are different cars which uses this engine. Check out different engines in this category which are available for sale on our website.

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